Does this describe you? You just made it to campus (or you have been here a while….trust me we understand) and your excited (or not so excited but that never happens) to be at Mississippi State. Are your trying to find where you fit in on campus and can make life long friends. Ohh and by the way you love anime or are just even the slightest bit interested in what it is (Yes were talking to you closet anime lover. We know you exist and we promise not to tell your secret). Do you enjoy having fun? Laughing a lot? Sound like you. Then you, as well as all your friends, are perfect for the Mississippi State Anime Club!!!

We are a Fraternity also(except we don’t haze you). We are Mu Epsilon Kappa Alpha Mu Chapter .  So if your looking for the Frat experience and your into anime, We are your best choice too!!!

Come check us out. We meet every Thursday during the school year.  Hope to see you there!!!

Hail State!!!!


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